J Appl Res Intellect Disabil, 2020

Participation in employment and day care for adults with intellectual disabilities: Equal access for all?

Background: The employment rate for people with intellectual disabilities is low. This study aims to increase the knowledge about the association between age, gender, diagnosis, functional level, educational level, and daily activities for adults with intellectual disabilities.
Method: A multinomial logistic analysis was applied to registry data on 12,735 adults
with intellectual disabilities from the Norwegian Information System for the Nursing and Care Sector (IPLOS) and Statistics Norway (SSB).
Results: Higher likelihood of employment and day care participation were associated with younger age but differed between genders and diagnoses. High functional level and lack of a registered functional level decreased the likelihood for employment. Educational level was not associated with employment.
Conclusions: The systematic differences in employment and day care participation among people with intellectual disabilities indicate that actions are needed to prevent inequalities. Improved individual assessment of personal resources and wishes might promote participation in employment and day care.



Jeanette Engeland, Bjørn Heine Strand, Siw Tone Innstrand, Ellen Melbye Langballe

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