The Norwegian National Centre for Ageing and Health (Ageing and Health)

Ageing and health is a national competence service that works especially with age-related conditions and diseases. We have over 100 employees, who work throughout Norway, and we provide professional knowledge to health personnel in almost all of the country's municipalities. We participate in research projects - nationally and internationally - in addition to running our own professional development projects.

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Extensive research and development

As a national research environment in ageing and health, we create networks across regions, professions and service levels. Research and development provide the authorities with a better basis for decision-making. Our research and development have clinical relevance, and leads to direct improvements in diagnostics, treatment and care. Research is disseminated to participants in courses, conferences and in training. Ageing and health websites are updated with news and subject matter several times a week.
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We train health professionals and have courses and conferences

Ageing and health offers courses and conferences to service providers in the health and care service, both in the municipal and specialist health services. In addition to training through the ABC model, we offer health professional education that qualifies for a trade test. We run a vocational school with two fields of study. Modules for e-learning and online distance learning are offered within our subject areas.
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Ageing and health standpoints

Ageing and health helps to provide a better basis for making good decisions, among other things through professional-political input to hearings and in meetings with decision-makers.
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National Library Service

The Ageing and Health Library has cutting-edge expertise in literature from our subject areas. Everyone can borrow from our collection. You can do this easily online, over the phone or by visiting the library. You can have what you need sent to your home.
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Publisher and online bookstore

The publishing house Ageing and Health is a key communicator of knowledge about ageing and health. The catalogue includes textbooks, theme books, subject reports, teaching materials, films and audio books related to our subject areas. The published material are offered in our web shop.