MoCA calculator

The MoCA-calculator can be used as tool for adjusting the observed MoCA score for age, sex and educational level. Whenever the adjusted score of the tested person is within the yellow, orange or red fields, it indicates that further testing should be considered.

Norwegian version

Note: Since the calculator takes into account the patient’s level of education, one should not add one point for patients with ≤ 12 years of schooling, as stated in some versions of the test.


MoCA score
70 90

The calculator is valid for persons with age between 70-90 years. If the actual age of the tested person deviate from this the nearest value can be considered.

Z score:

The z-score representing the discrepancy from mean in number of standard deviations, shows how the score of the tested person deviates from the normal (average) score of a person at the same age, sex and educational level.


The percentile is the proportion of the population at same age, sex and education that has equal or lower score on MoCA.

Engedal, Knut et al. ‘The Montreal Cognitive Assessment: Normative Data from a Large, Population-Based Sample of Cognitive Healthy Older Adults in Norway—The HUNT Study’. 1 Jan. 2022 : 589 – 599.