Is global fertility decline beneficial or detrimental?

This online discussion, scheduled for February 19th at 1500 will feature a discussion between Darrell Bricker, CEO of IPSOS and author of “Empty Planet”, and Professor and Research leader Vegard Skirbekk, author of “Decline and Prosper”.

They will delve into the complex issue of the world’s declining fertility rates, debating whether this trend is a positive and acceptable change or a negative and destructive development.

This dialogue will explore the multifaceted implications of rapid fertility decline, its causes, the results for aging populations, fiscal sustainability and economic productivity and the resultant stabilization and decline of populations across various countries. The discussion aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of these demographic shifts, considering a wide range of perspectives to dissect the intricate causes, consequences, and potential responses to these global population changes.

In addition to examining the potential for population decline due to aging, the conference will address the broader impacts of this demographic transition on global economies, societies, and ecologies. The key question revolves around whether the changes in fertility rates will lead to more sustainable living and positive societal developments or exacerbate existing challenges like economic inequality, failure of social security systems and environmental degradation.

The conversation will also touch on the problematic narratives surrounding population change, both those relating to a rise and a decline in fertility. The discussion will discuss the need for societies to adapt to a world with fewer children, debating whether low fertility is a persistent trend unlikely to reverse. This dialogue seeks to provide a nuanced understanding of these demographic trends and their far-reaching implications.