Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Ageing and Health (Ageing and Health)

Ageing and Health is responsible for securing national competency building and the distribution of such competencies on dementia, intellectual disability and ageing, physical disability and ageing and old age psychiatry. We provide competency building and guidance for the entire health service, both the municipal health care services and the specialist health services, to other service providers, clients (patients and their next of kin) and the population in general. Ageing and Health operates a number of research- and development projects and has its own publishing house and library. We offer courses, training programmes and run a vocational school. Knowledge is also communicated through our journal Demens & Alderspsykiatri and via our digital platforms.


Old age psychiatry
Providing treatment to older people with psychiatric challenges constitute an increasing part of the responsibilities of the primary health services. The specialist health services for old age psychiatry have a particular responsibility in aiding the municipalities. The requirement for increased competency, advisory services, research and work on development is extensive. Ageing and Health coordinates collaboration projects and research in this field.

There are over 70,000 people with dementia in Norway. Ageing and Health is committed to furthering the development and evaluation of the services provided for the affected and their next of kin. We offer guidance and advice in connection with the development and testing of new models for treatment and care.

Physical disability and ageing
There is limited knowledge on the living conditions, life situations and needs amongst ageing and old people with physical disabilities. Our goal is to increase knowledge within this field, communicate information and contribute to the development of better services for ageing people with physical disabilities.

Intellectual disability and ageing
Currently, there are more people with intellectual disabilities living to an older age than only a few decades ago. The aim of Ageing and Health is to spread competency, communicate knowledge and information and contribute to the development of better services for ageing people with intellectual disabilities.

Research and development
Research and development (R&D) is a priority for all subject areas of Ageing and Health. By coordinating R&D work with training measures, courses and publishing, we ensure a short route from results to implementation. The R&D work is financed both from external and internal sources. A primary goal of the R&D work is building a network of central national and international work environments within our subject fields.

Information, guidance, education

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Ageing and Health has established an extensive library collection of relevant journals, reports, books, studies, subject related articles, Master´s theses and Doctoral work. The library provides guidance in collecting the relevant literature within our subject fields.

Publishing house
We own a publishing house, which publishes reports and textbooks. The books are marketed and sold directly from Ageing and Health. The books are registered in Bokbasen and can be ordered in bookstores.

Courses and conferences

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Ageing and Health provides extensive nationwide courses. Our national courses and conferences are primarily directed towards personnel in the municipal health care services and the specialist health care services. They cover a wide spectrum of subjects, lasting from 1 to 3 days. All the courses can provide merit and the different unions are applying for pre-approval.

Ageing and Health has its own vocational school offering further education for assistant nurses, care workers and health workers; the ABC model with interdisciplinary study groups in the work place, and health worker education (helsefagarbeiderutdanning) building on the ABC model, giving the participants the opportunity to qualify for a certificate of completed apprenticeship.

Demens 3-2014 WEB-Trans.pngJournal
The journal Demens & Alderspsykiatri is published four times a year. D&A is a member of the Norwegian Specialized Press Association (Fagpressen).


A decision made by Parliament in 1995 led to the creation of Nasjonalt kompetansesenter for aldersdemens in 1997. This competency centre was built on two respective state development programmes in the areas of old age dementia and old age psychiatry from the beginning of the 1990s.

The Competency Centre (now Advisory Unit) was placed in two locations: Medical clinic, Oslo University Hospital HF, Ullevål and the Psychiatry in Vestfold HF (both in the South-East Health Region RHF).

From 1999, Ageing and Health organized a development programme on physical disability and ageing. In 2003 we were given the responsibility for the structuring and running of a new development programme on older people with intellectual disabilities.

From 2012 we were approved as an Advisory Unit for old age psychiatry.

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