Jump into the Void? Factors Related to a Preferred Retirement Age: Gender, Social Interests, and Leisure Activities

Forfattere: Magnhild Nicolaisen, Kirsten Thorsen og Sissel H. Eriksen.

Publisert i The International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 75 ( 3), 2012.

Sammendrag på engelsk (abstract):

Using the frameworks of the life course perspective and continuity theory, this study focuses on the association among working people between gender and specific leisure activities, social interests and individuals’ preferred retirement age. The study is based on the first wave of the Norwegian Life Course, Aging and Generation (NorLAG) study, concentrating on workers 40-61 years old, thinking about retirement (n = 2339). Results indicate that some leisure activities and interests are associated with preferences for early retirement, while other activities and interests are associated with preferences for later retirement. Different leisure activities and interests are related to men’s and women’s retirement preferences. Single women prefer to retire later than married women. Findings suggest that leisure activities and social interests have different relevance for men’s and women’s preferences for leaving the labor force. Women active in voluntary work prefer later retirement, while men engaged in fishing and hunting prefer early retirement.

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